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I AM here

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For those of us seeking the way of Oneness - cohering with Divine Spirit and all beings.


For those of us seeking the way of Sacredness - honoring Divinity in self and the collective.


For those of us seeking the way of Wholeness - receptivity to Infinite All-ness.


I am Esther, and I see you.


My heart, my practices, teachings and work is devoted to being a channel of support for us all to release the suffering of the conditioned self, dissolve compulsive behaviors and come into our true identity as Divinity Incarnate through the attainment of the I AM Consciousness bring Healing and Harmony to self and the collective. 


In Love,



I AM Spirtual Center
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The New Book From
Esther Nana Schmidt



The I AM Consciousness - awakens the reader to the Receptivity of the Infinite All-ness of God expressing as an Individual Being. 


As a Principle, a Meditation and a Practice, The I AM Consciousness is a divine technology for creating and experiencing a harmonious life of oneness, sacredness and wholeness both individually and as a collective.


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