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In this Live Virtual Group Meditation,

Esther will take you through 5 Spiritual Practices that will enable you to dissolve any sense of Limitations in your Consciousness, so that you can emerge your Sacred Self, with infinite capacity and possibilities. 




✔️ Transmute Existential Fear and Limitations into the I AM State of being to enable you thrive. 






✔️ Access your Divine Center to be grounded in inner Peace, Love, Safety and Serenity in these times of uncertainties. 






✔️ Unlock unique Divine Ideas and Inspiration within you to create a life that is truly fulfilling and contributing to others. 







✔️ Create a Blissful state of Mind and Calm in your physical body. 



CAUTION - This Event is a transformational experience.

Join me as we take a Deep Dive within ourselves. 

See you at the Emerge Meditation 

Love, Esther

Emerge Meditation is a deep experience that will enable you