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Consciousness + Compassion + Community

We are a Heart Centered Community, a sacred space for Devotions, Meditations, Reflections, Healing Rituals and Practices of the I AM Consciousness Essential Teachings for creating a Healthy, Happy & Harmonious Life.


In the teachings of Esther Nana Schmidt the answers to most of our life’s questions and challenges are summed up in two words: I AM.


The I AM Consciousness is a Divine Technology for Life and Wellbeing.

It is a transcendental consciousness, a principle, a state of being, an embodiment of Divine All-ness.


The heart of our Community is to help you develop a Consciousness of Truth and Practices so that you are pulled by a Higher Vision, energize and inspired to live powerfully and joyfully in the Divine Integrity of your own Soul.


I AM - Is Invisible Energy Of Spirit, Uniquely Expressing, Infinitely Unfolding As You. 



Why You Should Join Us 

Because We live in a New World that requires a New Consciousness. 

Because when you change your Consciousness, you change your life.

Because Consciousness + Compassion is better practiced in Community.

Because practicing Oneness, Sacredness and Wholeness brings healing to self and the collective. 

Because Together We Create A Higher Energetic Field For A Healthy, Happy & Harmonious Life On The Planet. 




Welcome To The I AM Consciousness Community

We Stand Out and Stand For a Life of Oneness, Sacredness & Wholeness



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