IAMHealing Space       Membership

 Heart Centered Community + Healing Space            For Nurturing Oneness, Sacredness & Wholeness


Guided Meditations & Prayer Practices 


Dive Deep Within 


Connect with your Higher Soul-Self beyond the Mind and Body


Shift from trying to improve yourself to knowing and coming to the divine Integrity of your Soul


Reduce anxiety and depression


Boost immune system


Gain inner peace 

Heart Centered Practices


Deep listening and Visualization

Free and deep Journaling 

Mindfulness and healing rituals 

Gain clarity, direction, focus

Esther Encourages


Weekly Lives + Q&A’s

Fierce Encouragements and Uplifting Life Lessons

keeping you focused and inspired on your path 

Answering your questions live 

Breathwork & Body Flexibility


Manage Your Nervous System 

Reduce stress

Balance your energy 

Improve sleep 

Boost digestion  

Reduce stiffness, increase body flexibility

I AM Consciousness Truth Teachings


Develop a Consciousness of Truth

Bring Harmony and Abundance into your Life 

Develop a Life Vision that contributes to the greater good

The I AM Spiritual Center Community


Connect, Learn, Grow & Inspire 

Access to an International transdenominational Spiritual Community  

Share and exchange with like minded Souls 

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