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The One Billion Dollar Question

...That Most Of Us Are Seeking Answers To…


Why is there endless Suffering, Lack + Limitations in our experience of This Thing Called Life and how can we truly Heal And Be Free.


Over 25 years, I have seek consciously and unconsciously for Truth to bring Freedom and Harmony to my own Soul


Well the Universe finally got my attention and what came through is The I AM Consciousness 


My heart is full to serve you with this Truth Teachings and Principles as given to me by the Universe to guide you in to the Spiritual Integrity Of Your Own Soul which is “I AM”  


I will see you in Class!

August  28, 2021                       3pm - 4:30pm  CET 

September 25, 2021             3pm - 4:30pm  CET 

October 30, 2021            3pm - 4:30pm  CET