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The I AM Consciousness Essential Program 



 Understanding the nature of I AM and the principles oneness.


Awaken a higher state and dimension of being within you.

 Take Your Power back by releasing attachments to People, Places, Things & Systems. 

 Raise above Fear, Anxiety and Worry by breaking free from Universal Beliefs that does not honor the Divine Integrity Of your Soul. 

 Bring more harmony and balance into your life by understanding the Cosmic Laws of Life and how to apply them.

 A Renewing & Rewiring of your Nervous System, to feel rooted and supported through the Emerge Meditation + Breathwork practice. 

 Be pulled by a Higher Vision and be in Service to Life. 

 Create a new Sacred Self-concept of Infinite Possibilities. 

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The I AM Consciousness
Essential CoursES
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5 Weeks Live Course In The I AM Consciousness 


I AM is the Cosmic Divine Energy of Spirit.

It is the Void - the silence, the womb from which Creation proceeds and the sacred ground upon which Life Nurtures us and Expresses as us.

The I AM Consciousness is a divine technology for Life and Wellbeing.


A New World, A New Consciousness 


A New World has emerged before us.

A kind of World were we can no longer afford to put our Hopes & Expectations in People, Places, Things or the Systems of the World.


I higher concept and Consciousness of being is required if we are to thrive. 


For that we all have a Conscious Choice to make.

The Choice to stand firm on the nurturing and sustaining ground of our own Divine Life Force - I AM - 

The I AM Consciousness releases us into a completely new way of Being, Perceiving, Creating and Experiencing Life


This Course is in 3 Stages 


1. Enrichment Stage

Foundation Of The I AM Consciousness


2. Enlightenment Stage

Principles Of The I AM Consciousness


3. Embodiment Stage

 I AM - Manifesting The Substance Of Your Being


Your Transformation -

Life is designed by states and stages of Consciousness.

Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life.


To embody and practice the Essential Principles of the I AM Consciousness, is to activate the infinite dimensions of your being and become more receptive to the fullness and given-ness of Life.


I created this Course to empowers us all live fully, joyfully and free as a unique individual expressions of that which we call God.


It Is A Life Style 


The I AM Consciousness is NOT A TOOL to be used every now and then in emergency.

I AM is a State of being.

It is a Principle, Meditation, a Devotion & a Practice pulling us into a Higher Vision, bringing healing and honoring the Divine Integrity of the Sacred Self and the Collective.


See you in the Course!

In Oneness - Esther

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