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Meditative Thoughts

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Our Sacred Word for this Month is: CREATING

When we are in alignment with the creation energy of God within us, we Expand and Flourish.

In co-creating with the divine

Comes the quality and feeling tone of SACREDNESS, NOURISHMENT, ALL INCLUSIVENESS and WISDOM in our lives.

Meditate on the Creation Energy of God within you, asking the Spirit to reveal that which divinely seeks to emerge through you.


The Mind of God is manifesting in my life.

The Holy Spirit within me is projecting itself in my experience.

Divine Intelligence is acting in my affairs.

Everything that I do, say or think is governed by this Intelligence.

The Power which creates and sustains everything is now creating everything necessary to my happiness.

Spirit is the sustaining Principle of my life.

I open my consciousness to its inflowing.

And so it is, Amen!

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