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about us

Purpose Statement:


Our purpose is to create and hold a loving sacred space for the experience of God in individual consciousness.


We embody an understanding of our Oneness with God and we consciously practice this truth in our everyday lives as our foundation for Spiritual Living and Spiritual Healing.

Through the Ageless Spiritual Principles and Truth taught by Christ Jesus and the energy of unconditional love, we are committed to individual experience and transformation.


I AM  Spiritual Center is a Home and Community for Seekers and Skeptics alike.


Mission Statement: 

I AM Spiritual Center is an international Transdenominational Spiritual community. 

We are infinite individual expressions of God; in the knowledge of this truth, 


We are here to be and leave our unique Spirit imprint of love in the Universe through our devoted Spiritual Practices, embodied Principles, and Sacred Service.


Though our Oneness with God, we Create a Unique flow of Abundance on the Planet. 


We are simply here in Service to the One, in whom we live, move and have our being.


  • We know that God Is and God Is all that there Is.

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