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 Heart Centered Community + Healing Space            

Guided Inner Work, Devotions And Truth Teachings For Healthy, Happy & Harmonious Life with Esther 


New Monthly Perspectives

Each month we will focus on a theme with guided inner work to help us move from Compulsive behaviors and the Conditioned-self to Consciousness, Self-compassion + Healing.

Esther Encourages


Weekly Lives + Q&A’s

Fierce Encouragements and Uplifting conversations

to keep you focused and inspired on your path 

Heart Centered Practices


Guided Meditations

Self-inquiry + Reflective Practices

Sacred Prayer & Visualization 

Deep Listening & Free Journaling 

Healing Rituals 


To help you gain Clarity , Direction & Focus


Connect deeply with your Sacred-Self beyond the Mind and Body


Reduce Anxiety and Depression 


Gain inner Peace

The I AM Consciousness Community


A move away from Social Media Distractions -

Access to a Private transcendental spiritual Community.


Connect, Learn, Grow, Share & Exchange with like minded people that moves you forward into your ultimate purpose and fulfillment.

Breathwork & Body Flexibility


Manage Your Nervous System 

Reduce stress

Balance your energy 

Improve sleep 

Boost digestion  

Reduce stiffness, increase body flexibility

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