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She loves uplifting people into their light and power, sees divinity in every soul, and believes that human life can not be defined and mastered outside the context of Spirit. Love Intelligence ( Spiritual Intelligence ) is crucial to transformation as it places us within a new definition of reality.


Esther Nana Schmidt teaches that understanding and embracing our oneness with God, leveraging the Divine Presence and Power within us and Spiritual Practice is the key to manifesting life and abundance. She is known for her deep empathy, the captivating aura of the divine presence, and her ability to quickly shift people out of pain and uncertainty into a transformative, and joyful experience with their Higher Self.


Esther Nana is a sought-after conference speaker, meditation teacher, and facilitator of spiritual healing seminars as „The I AM Healing Space“ which she originated.

Her background in uplifting began as early as 11 years of age in Ghana West Africa; she established her unwavering integrity and continued following along this guided path of Spirit to inspire others so that they can awaken to their most authentic Self. She is a mother of two amazing children and resides in Munich Germany with her family.

Esther Nana Schmidt

Founder and Spiritual Director of I AM Spiritual Center.

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