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 Leverage Your 

  Spirit ACADEMY 

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8 Weeks Of Devotions and Spiritual Practices to nurture your Inner Power and Wholeness.

 I AM HEALING SPACE          Devotions

 Healing Messages 

  • Live Virtual Prayers 

  • Deep Listening 

  • Healing Meditations 

  • Visualizations & Self-Reflection 



  • January 16 - February 20, 2021

  • 10:00am - 12:00pm


 What To Expect 


  • For 6 Weeks Live on Zoom, we are going to;

  • Pause and take a deep breath.

  • Created a Devotional Altar for our Practice.

  • With trust and courage feel into our Soul.

  • From the place of an observer, we will self reflect and pen down the healing Truth that comes to us. 

  • We will say our sacred Yes to that which reveals itself to our awareness.

  • Allow the Divine Love to fill us through a guided Meditation.

  • We will affirm our wholeness with chants of prayer and gratitude.



 How To Prepare  


  • Enter the I AM Healing Space with Trust and Open Heart

       no matter what it is that you are faced with.


  • Get a journal 


  • Create a comfortable and quiet space in your home where you can sit and not be distracted during Practice.


  • Download the Zoom App on your Mobile Phone or your Computer.


  • Click the link below and Sign Up






I will see you in the I AM Healing Space

Love, Esther Nana Schmidt

145 euro

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