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I AM Healing Space Devotions

With Esther Nana Schmidt


8 Weeks Of Devotions and Spiritual Practices to nurture your Inner Power and Wholeness.


  • Healing Messages 

  • Live Virtual Prayers 

  • Deep Listening 

  • Healing Meditations 

  • Visualizations & Self-Reflection 


Plus a Spiritual Community of like-minded individuals that are saying Yes to their Healing and Wholeness.


8 Saturdays from 10AM - 12PM CET 


Starting March 20, 2021 - May 08, 2021



I AM Healing Space Devotions
Why the i am healing space DEVOTIONs

Because Wholeness is your Birthright


Because your Healing Matters


Because Life is a devotion and there are no quick fixies


Because when you are Healed, you are Empowered to Thrive in Life.


To allow Healing take place in your life is taking full Responsibility for the Possibilities of Who and What you can become as an Individual that is Whole and your impact on your Community at large.

When you heal, you inspire Healing in the World.


Spiritual Healing is a returning to the Divine Integrity of your Soul

I am honored to hold this loving and powerful Space for you to do just that.


Let's Heal Together

Esther Nana Schmidt


Heart Centered Practices

Guided Healing Meditations and Mantras, Sacred Prayers, Self Inquiring

Breathwork for Rejuvenating and Rewiring of the Nervous System

The I AM Consciousness

Spiritual Truth Tools for a harmonious living

Life Visioning and Visualization

Ongoing Support

Live Q & A plus a Supportive Spiritual Community

I AM Healing Space Devotions
I AM Healing Space

An Awakened Consciousness

Maintain Inner Peace, Poise and Power throughout the day

Acitivate your Spiritual Immunity  to Thrive in a World of uncertainties

Be grounded in your True-Self

True Freedom

Discover the 3 Pillars of your Souls integrity that brings harmony

and abundance into your life

Dissolve unhealthy stocked energy and release concept of living that does  not serve your well-being


Receive  Supernatural and Spiritual Healing

Understand the secret of Spiritual Health and Well-being

Eliminate Anxiety and Fear of sickness and enjoy the blessing of Wholeness

How To Prepare


Download the Zoom App on your Mobile Phone or your Computer


Create Your Altar

Prepare a comfortable and a quite Space in your home where you can sit without distraction during your Devotion

Get Yourself A Journal

To write down your Inspirations and Divine Truth that will reveal itself to you as you are going to have a lot of experiences in the I AM Healing Space

I AM Healing Space
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I AM Healing Space Devotions




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