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7 Saturdays Live Online 

Starting January 7 - February 18. 2023 

At 10.00 am CET 

A Sacred Prayer Ceremony Practice to set the Feeling Tone and the Energetic Vibration of Love, Peace, Purpose & Prosperity in the New Year. 

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For 7 Saturdays, we will create a sacred space of Devotion and Practice through 

Invocation of the Divine Mother.


Sacred Mantra-Meditation. 


• Declaration Prayers.


• Breath work & Deep Listening.


• Self-reflection + Journaling 


• The 5Element Invocation & Blessings.

To help Purify your Mind, Activate your Life-Force and cultivate an inner environment of Presence & Power so that you can  

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✨ Rise and stay above the lower frequencies of Existential Fear, Worry, Anxiety and Hopelessness. 


✨ Feel Loved and Held.


✨ Activate the Consciousness of Abundance and Wholeness. 


✨ Receive Clarity & Vision.


✨ Feel Guided and Supported.  


✨ Feel Safe and Grounded.


✨ See the Infinite Possibilities of your own life in joyful Service to Humanity for such a time as this. 


✨ Awaken within you the Consciousness of the Love that Heals, Natures and Preserves the Collective and the Planet. 


Sacred Mantras & Declaration Prayers For 2023 


7 Saturdays Live Online 

Starting January 7 - February 18. 2023 

At 10.00 am CET 

Meet your host…

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Esther Nana Schmidt is a Mystic, Healer & Founder of I AM Spiritual Center, and Facilitator of the I AM Healing Space.


She is also the pioneering Author of the Truth Teachings and Practices of The I AM Consciousness. 


Founding and leading the I AM Spiritual Center, she has trained and mentored hundreds of people globally to live a life of Presence & Power, to become Healers with the Consciousness of love and the energy of a new Earth. 


She creates a safe sacred space for healing and transformation in her work by integrating the modalities of Ancient Wisdom, African Mysticism, Sacred Mantras, Breathwork, and Meditation.

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