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I AM Spiritual Center Online Courses



By selecting the agreement checkbox ABOVE, I acknowledge and accept the conditions listed below, and authorize payment in accordance with the following.


ONLINE COURSE POLICY for I AM Spiritual Center



1)    By registering for this course, you agree:


That this course and its contents are the sole intellectual property of I AM Spiritual Center and therefore cannot be shared with anyone who is not registered for this course. This includes:


a)    Not sharing or having others view the live course


b)    Not sharing or having others view the video archive


c)    Not duplicating, disseminating, or sharing any of the downloadable materials (i.e., PDFs, MP3s, documents)


2)    Honoring this policy allows us to maintain the integrity of the teachings of Esther Nana Schmidt as well as the confidentiality of your course mates who may share personal stories in the course.


3)    Students must commit to one-course time; students must remain committed to participation in either the morning or evening course (if applicable).


4) No person may utilize another students email address for personal contact unrelated to coursework, nor in the promotion of an activity, product or service not explicitly supported by the I AM Spiritual Center.



All persons participating in I AM Spiritual Center Online Courses consent to the use of their photograph, image, voice, and likeness in the class (online or in person), recordings, promotions, and any and all media.  If you do not consent to the use of your photograph, image, voice, and likeness in this manner, please do not enter the course room (online or in person).



¨    Requests should be submitted in writing to 

Requests for refunds made prior to the 1st day of class will be issued in full.

¨    All other requests for refunds must be made prior to the beginning of the 3rd day of class.  The amount refunded will be 75% of the total cost of the course  plus a 25.00€ administrative fee.

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